Certifications and Trainings

Are you certifiable?

NPM offers certification programs for organists, cantors, and professional directors of music ministries. NPM certification programs are designed to assist pastoral musicians in their continuing formation for music ministry. Visit the NPM website to see if you are certifiable and ready to take the challenge to grow in your knowledge and skill.

Virtual Training for Cantors

In collaboration with the National Association of Pastoral Musicians, LTP is introducing a new series of Virtual Workshops™ specially designed for the parish cantor. Participants will gain liturgical knowledge, engage in spiritual growth, and develop or enhance the musical skills needed to lead the assembly in prayer and song.

Visit the LTP website to register for one or more sessions in the Cantor Series.

If you are interested in contracting a closed-session LTP Virtual Workshop for your (arch)diocese, vicariate, region, or parish, please contact us at VirtualWorkshops@LTP.org.

Chapter Opportunities

The NPM Austin Chapter offers an annual cantor workshop in English and Spanish, with certification options. Please see News and Events or the Calendar for more information.